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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Question: Which operating system, webcam software, etc., are you using? Are you running WindowsNT, Windows2000, Active X dll's?
Answer: I'm using an Apple G3 running Mac OS 9.2. To capture images from the webcam I use a piece of software called Oculus. Oculus sends the image to my server which is powered by Macintosh Personal WebSharing. Sorry, but there's no complicated Microsoft related software anywhere in the process.

2. Question: What kind of webcam are you using?
Answer: The webcam is a Kensington SuperVGA. It's just a little USB camera, but the picture quality is pretty nice.

3. Question: Why is your KibbleCam never working?
Answer: Beth runs the KibbleCam over in her room on the other side of the building on a completely different website from mine.

4. Question: Can you move, get in front of, or totally place the webcam in another area like a classroom or something?
Answer: I wish I could make the view a little more exciting but unfortunately the majority of my time is spent away from the computer, usually in class. I just run the cam from my dormroom, so that makes it pretty much impossible to move it to any other area of the building or to any other building on campus.

5. Question: How are you able to send messages from your webpage to your desktop? How did you modify this?
Answer: All this feature is is an add-on to my ICQ Software. If you have ICQ you can find this add-on on their site.

6. Question: What room do you live in? In what room is the webcam located?
Answer: The webcam has operated from rooms K515, K519, H507, H221, and H201.

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