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"Good luck to you after graduation and thanks for allowing us a view of the campus life during your years at UT."
4.28.02 -Angelo

"Sorry to see you graduate......good luck....really appreciated the cam over the last couple of years."
4.23.02 -WDL

"KMAN MUST BE AN ALABAMA FRESHMAN (or dropout). I check your site almost every day."
4.28.01 -jimbo

"jackelope says "hi" :D"
4.20.01 -the jackelope

"baaaaaaaaahahahahahaha hey man, what's up? how come you never talk to me? :-D later!"
4.16.01 -the jackelope

"You have a good resolution for a web cam. It is a nice change of pace to be able to really see what is being video'd."
4.8.01 -John University of North Alabama

"Good Site !!! Great Cam !!! greets from Germany visit also my Site at http://www.duisburgerstr.de"
4.7.01 -Andreas

"Wheres the beef"
3.31.01 -yo

"YO! I resent the comment that our campus is boring. It just depends on which way your camera is pointing! My suggestion is point it towards the female dorm. That should spark some interest!"
3.29.01 -gizzardjuice

"hi like your cam im from scotland hope your good and work hard he he see ya"
3.7.01 -NEIL

"Your school campus seems boring. COuld yu got out side and do something funny?"
2.25.01 -Jason

"4Wu-up man! How you doin!"

"you're website and cam are lame...you obviously have many server side problems w/ data retrieval....typical of some web developer wannabe...sorry moron, you'll have to try again.....loser"
2.21.01 -kman

"i see u have rain"
2.11.01 -dana

"What are you guys doing? Watching TV?"
2.4.01 -Jane

"From one web cam guy to another, nice job!"
2.3.01 - Matt

"this bites"
1.24.01 -james

"I lived in Hess Hall when I entered UT-K in 1974, later in another residence hall. I can see from the webcamera that the place ("The Zoo" as we called it then) has little changed. The actual view you use is almost where I lived. There were times "the Zoo" would come alive and I remember residents launching rools of toilet paper out these same windows, throwing firecrakers out windows to R.A.'s tr"
1.20.01 -CJ

"i saw my friend whitney! that was so cool. im in memphis. "
1.18.01 -mandie

1.15.01 -Shawn UTK

"Hey, nice view. I lived on the 6th floor of Hess for one year. Had some good times there."
1.7.01 -V. Cobb

"I see no one, guess xmas is the reason. so wish you a nice xmas."
12.23.00 -chuck

"Hello, I was a resident of Melrose Hall during the early 1970s. Things have changed since then. Is the view your camera showing of the back entrance? Also, what type of camera and recorder are you using. I am an editor at Chattanoogan.com and would like to have a web cam on our all online newspaper."
12.14.00 -Jim Ashley, Communications class of '73

"no snow there? ice storm here last nite. Texas"
12.13.00 -rhonda

"good morning from Germany"
12.13.00 -gary

"how did you jack up your html code so that this icq pager doesn't have all that useless stuff surrounding it?"
12.6.00 -j

"The camera moved right!"
12.2.00 -Angelo

"great veiw...."
11.27.00 -Colin

"Yo DAWG. This webcam is hella TIGHT ;)"
11.25.00 -The Magician

The picture is blured to much glare.needs less light in back of buildings."
11.20.00 -Lee cupp

"this is the most boring cam i have ever seen!"
11.16.00 -brad

"Nice picture of outside. At least if someone's trying to steal the bicycles, you'll see them... well, if you're staring at your camera feed.Are you running two cameras on one pc? Nice. Running Win2000? You said you were running a Logitech on the Camarades.com site. I've got a Logitech QuickCam Express but it seems to bomb in Win98SE but in Win2k it works pretty..."
11.16.00 -Jay

"is nice but I want to see some body on my screen, thank you"
11.14.00 -Luis

"nice site but can we see something happening please? Can you go out and wave to the camera?? thanx"
11.10.00 -gax and pete

"Hi from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada"
11.6.00 -John

"Just got this computer do not know that much,saw your web site."
11.6.00 -Gary

"just checking out your phat webcam. erm, that's it. have a lovely day."
10.30.00 -Matt C

"I found this site late at night. I look forward to watching the students in the daylight. I live just 60 miles south of Knoxville, in Etowah."
10.23.00 -Cinda

"kickass. i am a senior and i lived in hess for three years. the zoo rocks. what room are you in? we lived in k120, h224, and h514."
10.17.00 -punkard

"Hallo, ich habe Deine gute Cam auf meiner Homepage aufgenommen. Du kannst Sie unter der Adresse http://home.c-nit.de/kss/live.html besuchen. Gute Cams kannst Du mir unter Joern.Berendt@c-nit.de mitteilen."

"OH! Is the best web cam that I have seen never.I'm Spanish,a Spanish studient.A question:Is it legal?? Ok continue,you're good"
10.12.00 -Jon

"more girls..."
10.12.00 -kyle

"nice cam! thanks"
10.9.00 -matt

"Your webcam has got moved or some equipment has got in front of your cam. It shows in the picture."
9.12.00 -Glen


"hey, this si a cool cam, v fast!!!i think u should try get it imto a more interes ting area tho, that would b kewl, try hide it in a classroom or something!!!!1"
9.7.00 -covo

"need to focus on the female athletic teams... ;-)~ cool cam though, but I like the msg to the desktop more. NT Server using ActiveX dll's ?"
9.6.00 -don

"Hi, I'm glad you are back! Do youknow of other live web cams in Knoxville? I enjoy check to see the weather in Knox. from the other end of teh state."
9.3.00 -Tommy

"Hey, just found your page on the web. Good stuff! I miss Knoxville horribly, spent last two semesters there."
8.28.00 -Caroline

"can you turn on the webcam for this week?!? were having a national conerence there!!!!"
7.30.00 -tony

"Just looking at your website tryingtoget some ideas how to work on mine"
7.16.00 -badger

"Hope to see your camara in August! Keep up the good work!!!!"
7.7.00 -jordan

"I go to UTK also, just trying to add some folks to my pager list...great webpage. Can't wait to see the live web camera later... see ya"
7.2.00 -Kim

"hi i am looking in from my imac in england whats happening down there"
7.1.00 -damo

"hey fay"
5.24.00 -jon

"i would like to see my friend's house, who lives on the west side of knoxville"

"i cant find the loby cam ????please help"
5.1.00 -nathan

"ALOHA FROM HAWAII! Have a Nice Day.....Aloha"
4.30.00 -Susan Tai

"Hey... you there?"
4.26.00 -Tim

4.26.00 -LAUR

"Imagine finding a Hess Hall webcam! I spent a year there, back when it was called Melrose Hall Addition (fall 1964 thru spring 1965). We called it the Zoo...1100 freshmen boys in one building!"
3 7 00 -Norman Morgan

"I have a very strong sense of nostalgia for UTK, and it's great to be able to see it again. Thanks!"
3 07 00 -Kevin

"Hi. From Brazil. Great site."
03 03 00 -Freitas

"I lived in Hess in 1988. Got put on indefinite probation for throwing paper airplanes out the courtyard window. (Well, they were on fire). Go Hell Frat! Oh the memories..."
03 01 00 -Christoher Cantrell

"Your camera two is screwed up dogg"
02 22 00 -B Ruth

"hello ladies"
02 20 00 -will

"hello. A friend from england here, thinkin of buyin a webcam, and using oculus. Was wondering what cam u used, but u answered my question. bye"
02 19 00 -Benjamin

"I used to live in Hess Hall in 1988...cool cam--got any others around campus? Any indoors?"
02 17 00

"Hello from Deano in Tasmania"
02 15 00 -Deano

"How come I can't see you!"
02 15 00

"Thanks for the webcam...gives me something to do at work :)"
2 10 00

"love your site--my daughter lives in Hess, and she doesn't seem quite so far away thanks to you"
02 08 00

"Did you write the Java yourself to update your webcam?"
02 07 00 -Alston

"Your K4 Kibblecam seems to not be working I am a coll. student at niagara county community coll"
The K4 Kibblecam isn't part of this page. The K4 Kibblecam belongs to Beth.
02 03 00 -Jason Gibbs

"hey you got icq! cool im in college too!"
02 00 -darkmoogle

"hi babes"
01 29 00 -Andy

"hey is anyone there do something so I can tell"
01 29 00 -Jonathan

01 28 00

"Hey, I live in Melrose. Cool idea for the webcam."
01 14 00

"If you're gonna show us your screen, at least do it from a better angle. How about zooming in on some of those hotties over in A&A?"
About 05 10 99

"Why the hell am I looking at a picture of your houseplant's potted ass? Reposition this shit!"
05 03 99

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